35% Tariff to be applied to Russian caught fish
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
July 14, 2022

This morning Andrew Crook, NFFF President, attended a meeting between Victoria Prentis who’s minister of State for DEFRA and the seafood sector.  We have had many meetings with DEFRA since the start of the conflict as have other parts of the supply chain and much of the media activity, we have undertaken has been with the knowledge gained from these discussions that have taken place

The 35% tariff is going to be applied to fish that had not cleared Russian or Belarusian customs by the 19th of July.  We have to support this course of action if the governemnt feel it is the right way to go. As ever we will get behind anything that helps brings this conflict to a speedy conclusion.

They are banning or applying tariff to almost everything coming out of Russia so fish has not been singled out.

I got chance to speak and Andy Weightman of Fastnet also drummed home the severity of this situation and the effect of fish and chips on top of the current inflation.

We have the minister’s commitment to set up a meeting between the NFFF, suppliers, BEIS and HMRC to discuss what can be done to support our sector as they know the impact this is likely to have. We hoped this had been kicked down the road indefinitely, but we have to face up to this now and find a way forward.

The NFFF will continue to fight for the sector, and we are talking to Government at ministerial.  Without your support the NFFF would not exist to be able to represent the sector so thank you for being behind us and rest assured we will not stop pushing on this issue.

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