NFCD Spotlight
Karen Clark
May 16, 2023


Friars Pride is proud to be an independent family owned and run company supplying many individual family businesses large and small within the fish & chip trade. The fish & chip industry is one of the last trades in the UK made up of majority independent family-owned businesses. National Fish and Chip Day is the perfect time to positively highlight this aspect of our trade, with the aim of increasing support for one of Great Britain’s favourite takeaways.

Friars Pride is passionate about the fish & chip trade and can help shops produce their own unique excellence by stocking many different products and industry leading brands. We supply a large range of frying fats and oils, ambient goods, packaging, frozen goods, and frozen at sea fish fillets. We continuously invest in our delivery service as we know the importance of reliability for our customers. This in turn means with us, fish and chip shops can provide their customers with fish & chips they can be proud of.

We are delighted to be joint headline sponsor of National Fish and Chip Day; we believe in supporting this great industry and the businesses that keep the Great British public fed with the always popular fish and chip takeaway. National Fish and Chip Day gives everyone in the industry an invaluable opportunity to promote the product directly to consumers on a national level, while also sharing key information about the products, such as positive messaging around sustainability of fish and the fantastic benefits of eating fish as part of a healthy diet.

‘As a 3rd generations family business, my entire family has a massive amount of passion for the fish and chips industry, including all the shops, businesses and families who make up this fantastic trade. Supporting National Fish and Chip Day has always been one of my highest priorities and when the opportunity to become joint headline sponsors came available, I jumped at the chance for Friars Pride to put even more support behind the industry and one of its biggest days. Friars Pride continues do what it can to help the fish and chip shops to develop, grow and thrive.’, Rebecca Lord, Managing Director of Friars Pride.

It is always important to positively highlight the delicious wholesomeness of truly fabulous fish & chips, and at Friars Pride, we strongly believe this is what National Fish and Chip Day is all about – a celebration of fish and chips and the entire industry, from shops to fishermen. So, let’s shout about the great food fish and chip shops offer.

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