Three leading figures representing frozen at sea fillets and fish and chip businesses in the UK are to embark on a trip to Iceland next week (21 February – 25 February) as part of a collaboration tour.
Julie Waites, Executive Director for Frozen at Sea Fillets Association (FASFA) along with Andrew Crook, President of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) and Josette Foster, owner of Fish and Chips at Weston Grove and NFFF board member have been invited to take part in the trip, organised and funded by Business Iceland.

The UK has a long history of fish and seafood trading with Iceland; and the UK imported 21,012t of cod and 13,925t of haddock in 2021 from Iceland (HRMC data).
Although well-established historical relationships continue to play a vital role, the three UK visitors will also see new technology and developments, witnessing how the future of the trade is evolving.
They will also witness the socio-economic importance of Iceland’s seafood industry and the wider impact it has on the country.

Julie Waites said: ‘I am delighted to be visiting Iceland again, and I especially look forward to meeting up with some of our Icelandic FASFA members, both vessel owners and businesses. This trip provides a fantastic opportunity to discuss collaboration and build further relationships, while gaining valuable insight and knowledge from the many companies and organisations we will be meeting.’

Andrew Crook says: ‘I am looking forward to my first trip to Iceland, it’s vital that fish and chip shops not only serve the best fish and chips but are also aware of supply chains and have a strong understanding of the seafood sector, which we continue to share the insights to our members of the NFFF. I will be taking full advantage of the opportunities that this trip presents.’ Business Iceland  promote and encourage demand for Iceland’s vast array of products, services, investment opportunities. Seafood from Iceland is the  platform for Icelandic companies in the fishing industry to work together on marketing under one brand of origin to maximize the value of the products. The main objective of the project is to increase value and export value by raising awareness and improving the audience’s attitude toward seafood from Iceland.