Rules banning new takeaways across most of Newcastle approved
Charlie Bennett
June 19, 2024

In a bold move to address rising childhood obesity rates, Newcastle City Council has approved regulations that will significantly impact their takeaway industry. The new restrictions, set to be enforced across most of the city, aim to promote healthier eating habits among young residents.

No new fast-food establishments will be permitted in areas where more than 10% of Year 6 pupils are obese. This restriction covers virtually every part of Newcastle, except for the suburbs of Gosforth and South Jesmond.

Takeaways will also be prohibited from opening within 400 meters (approximately a ten-minute walk) of schools, parks, and community centers. This measure aims to reduce children’s exposure to unhealthy food options during their daily routines.

The new rules will not apply however to the city’s retail core in the heart of Newcastle. However, this is the only exception.

These restrictions were sparked after community backlash on recent proposals to open a McDonald’s near Kenton School and a Burger King on Westgate Road.

What do you think about Newcastle City Councils decision?

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