National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched ‘Live Chat’ on its website and app to offer fast, convenient, and live customer service support.

Chief Sales Officer for JJ Foodservice, Baris Kacar, said, “We want to be able to help our customers in a way that’s convenient for them. No more waiting on the phone! We’re at your service with a live team, ready to help – there’s no bots here!”

The service has been available for two weeks and already has resulted in a 33% reduction in customer service calls. “People take longer when they’re speaking on the phone – but Live Chat is quick, efficient and you can use it anywhere,” said Baris.  

“Our team are extremely knowledgeable and are dealing with multiple queries at any one time, you cannot do that on the phone,” he added. The feature is helping to improve customer satisfaction levels while taking the pressure off the customer service team.

The Live Chat is managed by a dedicated Digital Customer Care Assistant – a newly created position within the business – as well as other customer service team members.