Cut costs and reduce waste with Goldensheaf 1.5kg Standard Batter Mix – now available at a lower price
Charlie Bennett
June 20, 2024

Goldensheaf has always focused on making smart choices. It’s why its flour is milled to a specific grade and why its products are hydrated to the perfect level so that its batter not only outperforms the competition on taste and texture but value for money too, requiring less dry mix to get the same flow and consistency.

Now it is helping shops work smarter by lowering the price of its 1.5kg Standard Batter Mix, bringing it inline with its larger 16kg sizes.

The move follows internal research which reveals across a year, customers using Goldensheaf Standard Batter Mix in 16kg bags throw away 5% of wet batter mix purely through making up too much. Whilst this might sound minimal, for a shop using just one 16kg bag per week, this equates to almost two and a half 16kg bags per year – profit that is literally going down the drain.

By doing away with the price premium associated with smaller bags, operators have more choice and greater control over the volume of wet batter they produce, enabling them to make up what they need, reducing waste and saving money. Smaller bags also encourages shops to work to the principle of making little and often, which keeps the batter at its best, resulting in a perfectly crisp, golden coating to fried food.

Advantages of using Goldensheaf Standard Batter Mix 1.5kg bags:

  1. More control over the amount of wet batter produced, reducing wastage and boosting profits
  2. Great control for managed shops who can put procedures in place e.g. 1.5kg batter mix to 2.3l of water
  3. Encourages shops to make less more often, keeping the product at its premium peak (wet batter has a maximum shelf life of four hours)
  4. Less risk of contamination as a 1.5kg bag can be opened and used immediately as opposed to a 16kg bag that may remain in use for between two and seven days
  5. Easier to store off the ground on racking
  6. Lighter bags eliminate heavy lifting, reducing health and safety risks for staff
  7. Removes the price premium for small packs, saving operators money

Goldensheaf Standard Batter remains the market leading batter mix and is used in fish and chip shops from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It delivers a medium gold finish with plenty of lift making it perfect for use in modern frying ranges.

Guaranteed to be the best and most stable product on the market, Goldensheaf Standard Batter Mix, like all batters in the Goldensheaf range, is free from artificial colours.

For more information, please visit For expert industry advice and to request a sample, you can also call the Frying Squad on 0800 138 1938. 

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